Varnished Leaves


Varnished Leaves: a biography of the Mander family of Wolverhampton, 1750-1950
by Nicholas Mander





These fragments from the history of the Mander family are edited from sample chapters of Nicholas Mander's new biography, Varnished Leaves, published in 2004.

The book describes the life and times of the first five Charles Manders in succession, covering the period from 1742 to 1952. It is split up into sections for convenience, as the work in its entirety would take a long time to download.


Chapter One:

Early Years to 1750

Benjamin Mander 1752–1819

John Mander 1754–1827


Chapter Two:

Charles The First 1780–1853

The Great Fight at Wolverhampton 1816–39

The Narrative of Jemima Cox 1871


From Chapter Sixteen:

Geoffrey Le Mesurier Mander 1882–1962